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Miracle Swimming is a new system (since 1983) of teaching that guarantees that adults who are afraid in water will learn to swim. The system is easy and fun. Every single last adult learns to swim - to be free and confident in water, shallow and deep - at his/her own pace. The "magic" is in the teaching. Our new teaching paradigm is universal. We created it in 1983 and released it in our DVD in 2000 and in our book in 2006. We hope that every single swim student in the world will one day have access to it. To date, over 50 instructors have been trained worldwide.

The system's implications are vast. It is applicable to all teaching and learning. Most swimming instructors and learn-to-swim agencies have passed over it. However, those who want to learn - our instructor trainees - have "done a 180."

Some instructors already have inclinations toward this approach and intuitively know the truth of it. The training gives them the vocabulary and concepts to teach all adults successfully.


Panic prevents people from learning to swim. There needs to be an international web of teachers who can teach afraid adults so that they, too, can learn to swim. Everyone should know how to swim.

The discovery of how to prevent panic relative to teaching is the equivalent of the discovery of the wheel relative to transportation. Once you have it, you would never go back to your former ways. Without it, learning to swim for afraid adults is virtually impossible, or it takes too long in this day and age. Once you understand the 5 Circles System, you will agree that there is nothing more fundamental to safety or panic prevention. To our knowledge, without this system, learning the nuts and bolts of preventing panic doesn't happen. However, learning to swim is inevitable if you learn panic prevention: it can't possibly fail.

Our system is based upon:

It literally guarantees learning.


  • Transpersonal Swimming Institute, founded in 1983 to teach afraid adults to swim became Miracle Swimming Institute on its 25th anniversary in 2008.
  • Miracle Swimming Institute's teaching duties became those of a non-profit (501c3) organization, 21st Century Swimming Lessons, Inc. in 2010 in Sarasota, Florida.
  • Today, 21st Century Swimming Lessons delivers Miracle Swimming - true 21st century swimming lessons - in Sarasota, San Francisco, and Palm Springs, California. Its satellite schools offer them in over a dozen US cities and England.


Since 1912, adults and children have taken swimming lessons developed by Wilbert Longfellow. Longfellow's program was adopted by the American Red Cross and the Red Cross later trained the Y. Many other countries have borrowed this system. When Longfellow was alive, those lessons apparently taught both swimming...the ability to be reliable for ones safety in deep water... and strokes, to adults and children. He knew that in order to learn to swim, fear must be overcome first. Today, however, adults are not taught to swim in traditional lessons: they are only taught strokes. We call such lessons "20th Century swimming lessons."

The foundation of learning to swim has three corners: Safety, Comfort, and Control. If you have Safety, Comfort and Control, you will automatically get propulsion. It won't be terrifically efficient propulsion until you learn strokes. But you will be safe, confident, and free in deep water. There is probably not another swim school in the United States that would say this.


Most traditional instructors want to teach adults to swim and believe they are doing a good job. But it usually doesn't work because there is a worldwide belief that teaching strokes is the same thing as teaching swimming. Traditional lessons teach strokes.

But since strokes do not equal swimming, afraid adults don't learn to swim. At Miracle Swimming, we know that learning to swim and learning strokes are separate processes, at least for adults. We teach adults to swim: to be one with the water, confident and peaceful in the deep. Once they are confident and safe in deep water, students are able to learn strokes. We teach adults everything they wish to know from fear to confidence, strokes to boogie boarding, snorkeling to SCUBA diving.


Because it works that way for kids (if kids are not afraid). As kids learn strokes, they intuitively pick up the basic skills of swimming on their own—knowing how the water works, comfort, and control. This is not how learning works with adults, or kids who are afraid.

Confident or afraid, students in traditional swimming lessons are not taught Panic Prevention. Panic Prevention is the skill that provides the opportunity to learn if one is afraid; it provides optimal safety as well as the best chance of a positive outcome if even a good swimmer is in a frightening situation.

Many adults have accumulated a degree of fear from an experience, memory, or a teaching. Adults learn differently than kids and must be taught differently. Miracle Swimming is fun. It is designed for adults who are fearful in deep water.



Forty-six percent of American adults are afraid in water over their heads in pools. That's 109 million people! Sixty-four percent are afraid in deep, open water. Thirty-nine percent are afraid to put their heads under water (Gallup Poll 1998). Seventy percent of drownings in America today are by adults (CDC, 2010).

When you overcome your fear of water, swimming comfortably and feeling safe in deep water is the spontaneous, predictable, inevitable, result. This is why we guarantee that you'll learn.

Together we can all end drowning... we believe it can be done by 2100 if the world's swim instructors and adult non-swimmers climb on board.

We hope you'll join us and find out what's possible in the world of swimming and adult beginning lessons. See our printable class schedule with prices.